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  • Pastor Fr. Varghese "Fr. Biju" Malancheruvil

    Fr. Varghese "Biju" Malancheruvil, Pastor - St. Joseph's in Elko, Sacred Heart in Carlin, St. Thomas Aquinas in Wells, St. Brendan's in Eureka Parishes and Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission in Jackpot, Nevada.Fr. Biju is pastor of St. Joseph's Parish in Elko, NV, Sacred Heart Parish in Carlin, NV, St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in Wells, NV, St. Brendan's Parish in Eureka, NV and Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission in Jackpot, NV.

  • Leave Your Checkbook at Home!

    Electronic Giving is a convenient, consistent way to help our church year round.

    To all parishioners who are currently enrolled with Vanco Online Giving.
    St. Joseph's is changing to a new Online Giving provider. As of June 19, 2018 you are being asked to log into your Vanco Online Giving account and delete all scheduled donations through Vanco. Go to the About Tab and click on the Old Online Giving to do this. After you have done this, you can go back to the About Tab and register in the new Online Giving by clicking on the New Online Giving being provided by Connect Now. There is no waiting for preapproval with our new provider and you can immediately set up your new Sunday Offertory, Building Fund and 2nd collection donations with them via your bank account or credit/debit card. If you need help, please call
    Jean Sloan at St. Joseph's parish office 738-6432. We appreciate your patience with making these changes.
    The Webmaster

    Consider scheduling a recurring electronic contribution today. It’s easy! You will no longer need to write out checks and prepare envelopes every week. Even when travel, illness or other circumstances prevent you from attending services, your electronic contributions will continue to be received on an uninterrupted basis.

  • Our mission is...

    To Proclaim by word and witness the Good News of God in Christ, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Centered in the Eucharist, we strive to serve Christ in all persons through prayer, religious education, worship, Christian fellowship, and loving service to neighbor.

  • Meet & Greet

    Come join the Parish to meet our two new priests, Fr. (K) Kuriakose and Fr. Joe and our new pastor, Fr. Biju. We will meet in Mater Dei Hall on Saturday, July 14 from 1:30pm - 3:30pm. Cake and ice cream will be served .

  • Catholic Services Appeal

    Goal is $85,118.35 Amount Pledged is $79,410.00.
    Remember, anything over our goal is retained in the Parish. St. Joseph's is planning on a short fall of almost ($50,000) in its proposed 2019-2020 budget and any funds returned from the CSA drive will help reduce this amount. Any lower
    difference between the CSA goal and amount pledged has to be taken from the Parish's Savings to make up the difference.
    Please Give, only about 11% of St. Joseph's Parishioners give to the CSA drive each year and most are the same ones who have given yearly. All Parishioners are asked to give whatever they can and any amount they can no matter how small. You can pick up a CSA pledge voucher at the parish office if you do not already have one.
    Thank you for your support.
    Please go to the Faith Formation Tab at the top of the page and click on Register Online for Classes/Retreats/Events to register online.
    The Webmaster