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  • Pastor Fr. Varghese "Fr. Biju" Malancheruvil

    Fr. Varghese "Biju" Malancheruvil, Pastor - St. Joseph's in Elko, Sacred Heart in Carlin, St. Thomas Aquinas in Wells, St. Brendan's in Eureka Parishes and Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission in Jackpot, Nevada.Fr. Biju is pastor of St. Joseph's Parish in Elko, NV, Sacred Heart Parish in Carlin, NV, St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in Wells, NV, St. Brendan's Parish in Eureka, NV and Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission in Jackpot, NV. He is also President of Eastern Nevada Catholic Parish Corp, a non-profit corporation that oversees these parishes.

  • St. Joseph's You Tube Page

  • Fr. Joseph has set up a St. Joseph's You Tube Page due to the Corona Virus causing suspension of all Masses, CCD instruction and other meetings for the time being. He plans to talk about the Daily Readings and film his private Masses. Parishioners will be able to follow along as he explains the Readings and experience Mass until things get back to normal. Beyond that, this will be a help for the sick who cannot attend Mass and provide spiritual aid to them. Fr. Joseph said daily masses will be on You Tube and Facebook and said by different priests here at St. Joseph's. The page also provides for public discussion for comments or questions you might have for Fr. Joseph. Click on the red arrow at the bottom right of his picture to go to St. Joseph's You Tube Page or Facebook above in the middle column..

  • Our mission is...

    To Proclaim by word and witness the Good News of God in Christ, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Centered in the Eucharist, we strive to serve Christ in all persons through prayer, religious education, worship, Christian fellowship, and loving service to neighbor.

  • Message to all parishioners, the Diocese has ruled MASKS ARE MANDATORY AT ALL MASSES. Please comply.

  • St. Joseph's Elko Reopening Guidelines