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  • Pastor Fr. Varghese "Fr. Biju" Malancheruvil

    Fr. Varghese "Biju" Malancheruvil, Pastor - St. Joseph's in Elko, Sacred Heart in Carlin, St. Thomas Aquinas in Wells, St. Brendan's in Eureka Parishes and Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission in Jackpot, Nevada.Fr. Biju is pastor of St. Joseph's Parish in Elko, NV, Sacred Heart Parish in Carlin, NV, St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in Wells, NV, St. Brendan's Parish in Eureka, NV and Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission in Jackpot, NV. He is also President of Eastern Nevada Catholic Parish Corp, a non-profit corporation that oversees these parishes.

  • Leave Your Checkbook at Home!

    St. Joseph's Online Electronic Giving, provided by ParishSOFT,  is a convenient, consistent way to help our church year round.
    Consider scheduling a recurring electronic contribution today. It’s easy! You will no longer need to write out checks and prepare envelopes every week. Even when travel, illness or other circumstances prevent you from attending services, your electronic contributions will continue to be received on an uninterrupted basis. Please go to the ABOUT tab above and click on New ParishSOFT Online Giving link to sign up for this great service.

    Please call Jean Sloan at St. Joseph's parish office 738-6432 if you have questions or need help.

  • Support Eastern Nevada Catholic Parish Corporation

    Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church has set up an account with the Amazon Smile Foundation.  The Foundation will donate 0.5% back to us for purchases made on Amazon.com.  Please choose Eastern Nevada Catholic Parish Corporation as your charitable organization to receive these donations. 
    Click the link below to Amazon Smile and be sure to bookmark it on your browser.

  • St. Paul Street Evangelization

    Hey everyone! My name is Kyle Bell. I wanted to tell you all about a ministry that I started here at St. Joseph's. The ministry is called St. Paul Street Evangelization. The goal of St. Paul Street Evangelization (SPSE) is to reach out to our community by setting up little booths with resources such as pamphlets on Mother Mary, the Eucharist, abortion and why abortion is wrong, and more. The team members sit in the booths at events like fairs or parades, or on busy streets in bigger places like New York or Chicago and what not. When someone comes up and has a question, the team members will offer their best answers, offer prayers, and ask if the person asking the question has any specific intentions they would like prayed for. Basically, SPSE tries to evangelize by working its way directly into the hearts of people who come to the booth, whether they are fallen-away Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, or atheists.
    Our goal in the Elko chapter of SPSE is slightly different. Of course, our main goal is to spread the love of Christ throughout our community, but because there aren't many people who walk around town, and we don't have as many public events where setting up booths is normal, we are taking a different approach. Right now, we are working on soup kitchens being put on weekly along with occasional food drives and clothing drives to focus on the homeless. We have a Bible study that we are working on in order to focus on young adults and adults who are interested. And we are trying to get together with the senior center to set up occasional visits and lunches with the elderly in those places.
    These are just a few of the things we have in mind right now, but we are not focusing on
    one group of people. We want to reach everyone from the youngest of us to the oldest of
    us, because we are all one community in Christ, and the world needs Him more than ever
    right now.
    If anyone is interested in helping with this mission for Jesus, please contact me either by
    email or by phone. God bless you all, please keep this ministry and all the other beautiful
    ministries in this parish in your prayers!
    Kyle Bell, Phone: 775-934-6303, Email: kyle_m_bell@outlook.com

  • Our mission is...

    To Proclaim by word and witness the Good News of God in Christ, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Centered in the Eucharist, we strive to serve Christ in all persons through prayer, religious education, worship, Christian fellowship, and loving service to neighbor.

  • R.C.I.A. (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults):
    It is that time of year when we invite all who are interested in joining our Catholic faith and also a time when those who have not yet received one or two of their sacraments (First Holy Communion and/or confirmation) may take the opportunity to complete their reception of these sacraments.

  • Baby Shower for Baby Jesus

    The Women of St. Joseph is sponsoring a Baby Shower for Baby Jesus on Sunday, December 9, following the 10:00 Mass, in conjunction with the coffee an d donuts hour. This baby shower will benefit the Gabriel Project. They need diapers, sizes 2,3 and 5; toiletries (lotions, shampoos, etc.); medicine  (baby Tylenol and gas relief medicine); Similac infant baby formula and purified baby water; 0-3 neutral clothing; winter PJs with feet; children's books, spiritual gifts for mothers (current moms are Catholic); grocery gift cards; and mom self-care items. A bassinet for one mom (neutral pattern) would be a big help, too. She has
    a small apartment, so space is limited. Gifts needn't be wrapped; it would probably be best of they aren't. All are invited; please come to support the Gabriel Project.. If you go to 8:00 Mass you can leave your gift in Mater Dei Hall when you go over for coffee. If you are in Spring Creek or go to 5:00 Mass, please call Sue Craig at 397-0494.
  • Note from Fr. Dan

    Just a note to let you know that our pilgrimage to the Passion Play in Germany, and to Austria, Poland and Hungary will begin on October 3, 2020, and you will get a discount. I will have more details next week, and again we will be using Ron with Immaculate Tours.. We will be limited to 35 pilgrims.